Safety and sustainability: Protecting our most valuable resources

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At JLL, we are dedicated to environmental sustainability, knowing that the efforts we make to conserve resources and adopt sustainable principles add long-term value for our clients. But we also know that we cannot be a truly sustainable organization without ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our most valuable resource — our employees.

June is National Safety Month, and at JLL safety and sustainability are not two parallel concepts; they are core principles and values, highly compatible and tightly interwoven into the fabric of our culture — and they go hand-in-hand to create a foundation for how we do business.

Our safety ambitions are also a vital part of Building a Better Tomorrow, our sustainability leadership framework. By embedding safety into our broader sustainability practices we can ensure a positive impact for our people and our clients in our workplaces and our communities.

“When we think of traditional sustainability, we think about working to protect our earth and our environment,” said Bob Best, JLL’s Head of Energy Sustainability Services. “But we know that when you implement sustainable practices and programs — things like energy efficiency, maximizing natural daylight and improving indoor air quality — people become more productive.”

According to Best, sustainable workplaces can achieve much more than just green environments and improved productivity. Companies that care about the environment care about the health and safety of their employees, too.

“A green workplace should not just be a productive space; it should embrace the employee who works there,” Best said. “It should address their physiological and psychological needs and ensure that when they come to work each day, they are secure and safe.”

At JLL, we work to meet those needs for our clients and our own employees, incorporating safety and sustainability into how we design, build and manage workplaces. We use for example, a proprietary online tool called Green & Productive Workplace to gauge offices for sustainability, productivity and employee wellbeing. This tool scores our workplaces in these categories, red-flagging areas that need work. In addition, visitors who check into JLL’s corporate offices receive a “safety card,” which provides critical information about JLL’s safety practices, evacuation maps and locations of safety equipment such as defibrillators, first-aid stations and fire extinguishers. Best practices like these not only create an ongoing awareness among employees, they also send a clear signal to the market on the standards for both safety and sustainability.

“When you put these safety and sustainability pieces together, it’s a powerful combination for making the workplace a better place overall,” Best said.


Bob Best is JLL’s Head of Energy Sustainability Services and Director of Occupational Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) in the Americas. Mr. Best is also co-author of the book “Green + Productive Workplace: The Office of the Future … Today.

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