Guiding the way to a sustainable future in supply chain

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JLL is committed to embedding sustainability into every part of its diverse global business. Leading the way is JLL’s Supply Chain Management & Procurement (SCMP) team, which is proactively demonstrating its commitment to Building a Better Tomorrow, JLL’s sustainability leadership program.

Leveraging sustainable-friendly programs through our supply chain offers JLL and our clients one of the biggest opportunities to make a positive impact in the world. Shahid Javed, JLL’s Global Chief Procurement Officer, recently joined more than 400 purchasing professionals from multiple countries at the Sustainable Procurement Leadership Council’s (SPLC) 2017 Summit in Denver to promote the sharing of best practices in sustainable procurement.

Shahid facilitated a lively panel session which included participation from Shaw Industries, JLL representing the DIRECTV Account, and EcoVadis. Together, the panel illustrated how building partnerships across supply chains can help all parties drive cost savings, meet sustainability objectives, and provide holistic value-adds above and beyond expectations.

This was demonstrated through a project which allowed DIRECTV to obtain Haze EcoWorx tiles that contain 44% recycled content and are 100% recyclable. The use of these tiles resulted in the diversion of around 129,600 pounds (58,800 kg) from landfill while saving nearly $76,900 from the original market cost.

Speaking after the event, Shahid noted, “We were able to showcase our deep relationship with diverse supplier partners and shine the spotlight on practical sustainability initiatives we are developing together to deliver tangible value to our clients.”

“Sustainability is a critical part of our regular supplier performance management program, where we review suppliers’ performance against sustainability objectives,” Shahid added. “It gives us the opportunity to recognize phenomenal performance and take the necessary action when performance can be improved. This is an important journey we’re undertaking and we look forward to partnering with our suppliers to lead the way and make sustainability a key competitive advantage.”

Shahid Javed, JLL’s first ever Global Chief Procurement Officer, brings more than 20 years of procurement leadership, real estate experience, and supply chain expertise spanning multiple industries and geographies. Since joining JLL in 2015, Shahid has been spearheading the transformation of the global Supply Chain Management and Procurement (SCMP) function, a critical component of the company’s 2020 strategy.


JLL has an extensive supply chain which includes a significant amount of procurement on behalf of clients worldwide: JLL manages 4 billion square feet of space for clients and has a total 3rd party spend of $30 billion. This puts JLL in a unique position to leverage the size of their supply chain to drive more sustainable practices through influencing and supporting clients’ sustainability goals.

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