A class act: Spalding University greens campus and community

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In an effort to improve its campus, Spalding University brought green and sustainable enhancements to the surrounding urban community.

In 2003 Spalding University, a private, liberal arts college located in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, committed to improving its campus and facilities. Spalding partnered with JLL’s Integrated Facilities Management service team to bring about the improvements, while controlling costs under the university’s tight budget. Over the years, Spalding has made environmental protection and sustainability a core part of its mission to not only enhance the campus, but also the surrounding community and neighborhoods.

Now, nearly 15 years into our partnership, Spalding’s mission has expanded far beyond original expectations. Working collaboratively, JLL helped Spalding achieve its ambition to become a sustainability leader in the community through the planning and renewal of Louisville’s South of Broadway “SoBro” neighborhood.

As part of the SoBro neighborhood development team, JLL uncovered opportunities for Spalding to contribute improvements to the community by transforming parking lots around the school into green spaces and parks. Spalding has more than doubled its acreage from 10.65 acres to more than 23 acres, adding almost three acres of green space to its campus and acquiring additional land for conversion into green space. While Spalding’s footprint has grown significantly, the facility management budget has not.

In one early project, Spalding demolished several buildings to create Mother Catherine Spalding Square, an appealing green space to serve as the institution’s “front door” in the community. For the multimillion-dollar project, Spalding demolished three small buildings and created a 1.5-acre green space with dozens of trees and a stormwater collection structure. At Kentucky and Second Street, Spalding is converting a donated two-acre parking lot into a community park. Located just a few blocks from campus, the $400,000 Spalding Century Park will include a 100-tree woods area alongside a playing field for youth sports.

JLL also helped Spalding implement campus-wide recycling, address environmental risks, and upgrade all campus lighting with smart energy-efficient LED bulbs that respond to motion and natural light levels. Bathrooms on campus have been outfitted with water-saving faucet aerators and faucets that turn themselves off. A new bioswale was created in Spalding’s new Mother Catherine Spalding Square to capture water run-off for the campus irrigation system, reducing costs for water usage and stormwater management.

With our help, Spalding was never forced to make a choice between cost savings or investment in a sustainable campus environment. The question was how—and the answers have shaped a growing campus and a gradually improving urban neighborhood over the last 15 years.

To learn more about how JLL has helped Spalding save $100,000 annually and achieve its ambitions, download the full report.


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