Confirming our climate change position after COP23

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The climate change battle has elicited a wide range of reactions by companies and individuals engaged in climate mitigation and sustainability measures. While some are showing fatigue after many years of uphill struggle, others have stepped up their engagement in order to fill the gap some national governments and institutions have left behind.

JLL is part of the latter group that is committed to finding solutions to this imperative global challenge. JLL recently signed the We Are Still In declaration, a U.S. climate action movement launched in June 2017. The declaration’s more than 2,500 signatories, including U.S. business leaders, governors, mayors and NGOs, represent the nation’s enduring promise to uphold the Paris Agreement despite the federal government’s withdraw from the accord earlier this year.

In October 2017, JLL published its own Climate Change Position Statement in the run-up to the COP23 global climate summit. The United Nations Environment Program estimates that buildings are responsible for one-third of greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming. JLL’s Climate Change Position Statement acknowledges that the real estate industry has a responsibility to reduce global emissions by helping our clients, employees, workplaces and communities mitigate and adapt to climate change and significantly reduce their energy consumption. This position closely aligns with JLL’s sustainability leadership agenda, Building a Better Tomorrow, which is our vision to make JLL a world-leading sustainable professional services firm.

Fighting climate change in the corporate context comes with a unique set of challenges. One of those challenges is the alignment between long-term emissions goals and short-term business decisions such as acquisitions or operational implications of market demand and revenue growth. The business activities of a dynamic company can make it hard to achieve environmental performance targets over shorter periods.

This is why JLL is currently looking into setting carbon emissions targets for our next performance period starting in 2018 that span longer periods to achieve necessary change. This will set JLL onto a long-term emissions reduction trajectory with the ultimate goal to decarbonise operations in order to contribute to the global temperature reduction targets set out by the Paris Agreement.

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Franz Jenowein is a director within JLL’s Global Research team. He is responsible for its sustainable real estate research program publishing analyses on Eco-cities, climate change, flood risk, resilient cities, smart buildings, workplace health and productivity, green districts and sustainability transparency. Franz has a wide experience in carbon management, operational building energy and carbon performance benchmarking and energy efficiency management across European and global real estate investor and occupier portfolios.

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  1. Simone Skopek

    Great report on the recent DECLARATION BY BUSINESSES to fight climate change where government has failed; and the unique challenges faced by real estate to align long-term emissions goals with short-term business decisions.


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