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Where LEED is headed – regenerative design

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Janet Milkman
Delaware Valley Green Building Council

Just sat in a session with USGBC LEED developers and Bob Berkebile, among others, to hear about their plans for LEED 2012 and beyond. Very exciting what’s changing in their impact categories – much more positive and forward thinking – such as enhancing human health and improving various environmental categories. They are moving beyond “do no harm” or mitigate the impacts of buildings.

Where’s the info on the South & South Central region?

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There seems to be a heavy emphasis on Atlantic Coast, Pacific Coast, & Northern climates at this year’s conference.  Information, general or specific, to the Gulf Coast (yes, the United States has three coasts) and Southern climates is broadly under represented.  While many of us from the South & South Central regions may not worry about energy usages due to a heating load, we are hugely concerned about how much power, water, and other resources are… Read More

Invaluable experience

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Sharnette Brown
Chicago Housing Authority

The Greenbuild Conference has been a very enlighting experience.  The opportunity to learn more information on programs  and products has been great.   The opportunity to speak with colleagues in the industry and to learn from their experiences invaluable.  I look forward to attending the next Greenbuild Conference.

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