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What’s the hype with electric vehicle charging stations?

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You’ve probably seen electric vehicle (EV) charging stations around town – in parking lots, at taxi stands, or even in your garage at home. But are you aware of the trends that are driving the EV charging market – and the opportunities that EV charging stations can create for your business? 

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There’s no doubt that the EV charging market is growing. In fact, the global market for EV supply equipment is projected to be worth more than $1 billion by 2020.

EV charging equipment (and associated installation costs) have also become more affordable than ever before, in large part due to new incentives from utilities and federal, state and local governments. In some areas, local utilities even offer free hardware and installation services for EV infrastructure.… Read More

Creating Climate Wealth in Costa Rica

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Simone Skopek
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Notwithstanding the online world of social networking, it’s fun to catch up with an old university friend in person, and find out that you have developed parallel professional interests. This happened on a recent holiday to Costa Rica, where we bumped into Miguel, an old friend we hadn’t seen for decades, who heads up Sustainable Rural… Read More