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Congratulations to our ‘Face of Climate Change’ Contest Winner!

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Cat Bampakou
Jones Lang LaSalle

At Deutsche Bank this year we made a huge effort to raise awareness of Earth Week and to encourage residents to take part in various activities. We even participated in Earth Hour where we switched off all lights within our floors for an hour!

For Earth Week, the HK Deutsche Bank team created a rainforest… Read More

The Face of Climate Change at Jones Lang LaSalle – pick a winner!

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Andy Carter
Chair, Global ACT Committee

Jones Lang LaSalle is committed to creating a more sustainable environment for current and future generations. We help clients do this throughout the world and we do this internally through our internal program ACT: A Cleaner Tomorrow.

This year, the ACT committee joined the Earth Day 2013 challenge and asked our employees to… Read More

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Engaging Employees around Earth Day

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Meaghan Farrell
Twitter: @meaghancfarrell
Strategic Consulting

As JLL’s recently launched Global Sustainability Perspective on Employee Sustainability Engagement reported, engaged employees can help a company achieve its sustainability goals.  Earth Day 2013 (Monday, April 22nd) is a great opportunity to raise awareness of your internal and external sustainability efforts.  Keep reading to hear some great ideas about how to use Earth Day… Read More