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Climate Reality: Is Your Organization Prepared for the Effects of Climate Change?

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Contributor Carey Guerin-Oliver, VP of Learning and Development for JLL’s Energy & Sustainability Services group, discusses the importance of preparing your business for extreme weather. 

Sitting in the second row of tables at the latest Climate Reality Leadership training in Toronto, I was surprised.

As a sustainability professional in the real estate sector for the last 5 years, I am aware of the increasing number of extreme weather events, in large part due to… Read More

Regional Approaches to Dealing with Climate Change

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Jiri Skopek



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Jiri Skopek
Energy and Sustainability

Two large sustainable buildings conferences have occurred recently that clearly reflect the different drivers and strategies for green buildings around the world: Greenbuild in New Orleans, which was largely North American; and the World Sustainable Buildings 2014 Conference in Barcelona, which was largely attended by delegate teams from many countries in Europe, Asia-Pacific as well as North… Read More

Is Safety Sustainable?

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Bob Best
Energy and Sustainability Services



What does “safety” mean and is it part of the effort to make buildings more “sustainable”?

The traditional view of “green buildings” is that they have less negative impact on the environment, as measured by such things as greenhouse gas emissions, waste sent to landfills and water consumption.  However, there is growing interest in making buildings more… Read More

Sustainability and Safety

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Michael Robbinson
Environmental Health & Safety

No matter what type of work we perform, we need to focus on doing that work safely, without injury to employees or to people in the communities where we work.  “Safety First” is a maxim that applies to “green jobs” too.

According to OSHA, green jobs are defined broadly as jobs that help to improve the environment… Read More