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Green Buildings Perform Better… and So Do the Employees Who Work There

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Simone Concha, JLL’s Director of Sustainability – Australia, discusses the impact that sustainable buildings can have on employee performance.  

The fact that more efficient buildings cost less to operate and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions is now well-documented and widely-accepted. Changing out fluorescent lights to LEDs and re-commissioning HVAC systems has become a standard protocol in the facilities management profession. But the case for green buildings becomes even more compelling when reviewing… Read More

What is a “green lease,” and why should I care about it?

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Meaghan Farrell
Strategic Consulting

This question is asked time and again by clients, brokers and other real estate professionals.  The simple answer is that green leases offer substantial benefits (both quantitative and qualitative) to both the clients who implement them and the owners of the buildings they occupy.   The financial value achieved through energy savings alone can be enough reason to… Read More

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