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4 things you need to know about solar battery storage

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Simone Concha, JLL’s Director of Sustainability – Australia, discusses the concept of solar battery storage and what it means for your business. To learn more about the benefits that solar battery storage can bring to your organization, contact JLL’s Alternative Energy Services team.    

What is a solar battery?

Solar battery storage is a way of saving the energy generated by solar panels, to be used at a time when the sun is not shining. It’s more significant than you may think: while traditional solar power is considered “variable” – because it is affected by weather, time of day, and other factors – solar battery storage offers a consistent, reliable alternative.

As a result, solar battery storage has the potential to drive down the cost of renewable electricity and increase the uptake of electric cars – both of which are important milestones in the transition to a low carbon economy.… Read More

Solar Power without Panels in Minnesota?

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Dave GralnikPosted by:
Dave Gralnik
Energy & Sustainability Services

If you want solar power at a lower cost than conventional electricity, you can do it without any solar panels on your property, if you are in Minnesota (or other states looking to apply this concept in the coming months).

The concept is called a “solar garden.”

Here’s how it works. Minnesota passed legislation in 2013, allowing… Read More

Moving the Green Needle as Private Citizens

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Wayne Alldredge
Energy and Sustainability Services

Let’s face it, money talks. Most people look for the ‘Lowest’ price for everything, rather than the ‘Best’ price. But what is ‘Best’? It is my opinion, that Best is when the value received is the greatest. For those of us who live green and breathe sustainability, that means buying things that benefit not just ourselves,… Read More