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How Green are energy reforms in Mexico?

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Adrián Martínez Espitia
Energy and Sustainability Services, Latin America

In 1962, Thomas Khun established “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” about the occurrence of models substitution, where new models simply become better than previous ones.

During recent years Mexico has been approving law reforms that foster another type of investment and take advantage of other types of resources that had not been previously explored.… Read More

Creating Climate Wealth in Costa Rica

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Simone Skopek
Energy & Sustainability Services

Notwithstanding the online world of social networking, it’s fun to catch up with an old university friend in person, and find out that you have developed parallel professional interests. This happened on a recent holiday to Costa Rica, where we bumped into Miguel, an old friend we hadn’t seen for decades, who heads up Sustainable Rural… Read More