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What exactly is the green economy?

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The green economy can seem like a hidden economic sector in the UK. I hear people talk about environmental sustainability without understanding that it is an engine for economic growth, business innovation and job creation, not least in the real estate and construction sectors. Did you know, for example, that the low carbon and renewable energy economy in the UK generates £46 billion in revenue and supports 240,000 green collar jobs?… Read More

OSHA: workplace safety & health align with sustainability

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GreenBiz magazine sat down with Dr. David Michaels, assistant secretary of labor for Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA), and discussed how sustainablity is a movement providing “leadership, innovation and going beyond simple compliance” and that “worker engagement is one of the fundamental tenets of a comprehensive safety and health program.”

Michaels noted in the Q&A that “Worker engagement is one of the fundamental tenets of a comprehensive safety and health program… Worker engagement… Read More

They’re Not Making It Easy, Being Green

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This article, written by JLL’s UK Sustainability Director Alex Edds, was originally published in Building, a leading publication within the UK’s construction industry. To access the original Building article, please click here. 


Has the government lost its way on the path to a low carbon economy?quote1

Back in 2010 David Cameron pledged to run the “greenest government ever” yet climate change barely featured… Read More

Does your organization leave a phantom footprint?

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Sarah Nicholls
Head of Global Corporate Sustainability

When companies talk about greening their supply chains, they typically focus upstream, asking suppliers to adopt and disclose the sustainability impacts feeding into the business. Reducing the carbon footprint of suppliers is a critical part of the sustainability equation, particularly for business-to-consumer companies. However, for companies whose primary business involves services, the greater… Read More

Tech Firms and Carbon Disclosure

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Michael Jordan
Energy and Sustainability Services

I was happy to see in the most recent Carbon Disclosure Project results that, in addition to other industry sectors, carbon disclosure reporting among technology companies has increased.  In the latest report from the CDP (an organization backed by 534 institutional investors representing more than $US64 trillion in funds under management), it… Read More