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The cubicle: Space-saver or productivity-killer?

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Cubicles are ubiquitous in the modern workplace, and the space-saving (and related cost-saving) benefits are obvious. But how do cubicles – and the resulting close proximity between colleagues – impact worker productivity? JLL’s Bob Best discusses a Harvard Business Review article  by Sarah Green Carmichael that explores this phenomenon. 

The cubicle is a mainstay of modern office design – offering privacy without the expense of a private office, yet still facilitating collaboration and open communication among workers. However, in reality, working from a “cube” can breed dissatisfaction and, in some cases, even reduce worker productivity.… Read More

A Breath of Fresh Air in the Workplace = $$$

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JLL’s Bob Best discusses the findings of a recent study linking indoor air quality with employee productivity. 

Does indoor air quality impact employee performance… and the bottom-line?

A recent study by Harvard University, The Syracuse Center for Excellence – Total Indoor Environmental Quality Laboratory and SUNY Upstate Medical School provides a definitive and resounding “Yes!”

This meticulously well-designed… Read More

Are Open Offices the Answer?

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The workplace environment is one of the two top factors driving employee satisfaction (the other is corporate culture).

As more companies rush into the “open landscape” approach to workplace design, it is a good idea to step back and consider the pros and cons.

Open-Office Pros OpenOfficePlan

  • Build a sense of community
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Spur impromptu communication
  • Break down physical hierarchies
  • Provide flexibility
  • Reduce space costs

Open-Office Cons 

  • Produce noise distraction
  • Increase interruptions
  • Create a lack of
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The ‘Quiet Riot’ Is Changing the Workplace

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Why are more and more workplaces focusing on acoustic control as a means to improve the employee experience?

Because the impact on productivity is undeniable.  Below are examples of independent studies on the impact of implementing appropriate “speech privacy” measures and related acoustical conditions on office workers:



Noise is a distraction, but it

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Employees, Go Home!

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Want to save money?  Send your employees home.

It’s cheaper.  And, they will be happier.

Deloitte Touche assumes an average seat cost of $12,000 per employee for traditional office space, while the cost is only $10,000 for a tele-working employee.

Gartner research notes that IBM slashed its annual real estate cost by $50 million through tele-working.  Sun Microsystems saves $68 million per year.

But, the… Read More