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7 steps to greening your building: a holistic approach to energy retrofits

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A recent article published by the Harvard Business Review cited that US buildings are using up to 70% of the nation’s energy. While they go on to recommend an industrialized approach to remedy this, JLL’s Dana Schneider actually recommends something quite different. Read the full article at JLL’s Project Management Blog

Glass of modern tower for business backgroundIn many ways, taking an industrialized approach to energy retrofits – by leveraging economies of scale and simplifying the decision-making process for buyers – is appealing. However, this approach doesn’t leave much room to account for the oftentimes vast differences between buildings – which can, in many cases, be the key to unlocking significant cost savings.

Since each building and its systems and occupants are unique, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach that will work for all buildings. A design-centered, holistic approach to a retrofit, in which all the interactions in a building’s envelope, systems, controls, occupants, capital plans, and investment strategies are considered, will yield substantially higher energy savings.… Read More

Energy and Sustainability Trends to Watch in 2016

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JLL’s Real Views spoke with Dan Probst, JLL’s Chairman of Sustainability and Energy Services, about energy and sustainability trends that will drive change throughout 2016. For the full video, please click here

business analyzeFrom the falling prices of crude oil to President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, energy and sustainability topics gained considerable attention worldwide in 2015. What are the key trends to watch in energy and sustainability for 2016?

In 2015, governments and businesses made energy and sustainability a priority – setting the stage for accelerated developments in 2016:… Read More