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The bottom line of green building practices

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Understanding the true value of green building practices – from employee satisfaction to environmental performance – has long been a real estate holy grail. Two new studies bring us closer than ever to seeing its value across the real estate spectrum.

A U.S. Department of Energy study, Utilizing Commercial Real Estate Owner and Investor Data to Analyze the Financial Performance of Energy Efficient, High- Performance Office Buildings, tries to get an understanding of how sustainable design impacts value by correlating energy efficiency and financial performance. The dataset includes 131 properties throughout the U.S. with an aggregate area of 25 million square feet. The regression analysis shows that green properties experience a 28.8 percent increase in Net Operating Income per square foot, and a 17.6 percent reduction in operating expenses per square foot when compared to non-green properties.

The recent Continental Automated Buildings Association study, Improving Organizational Productivity with Building Automation Systems, takes a different approach. … Read More

GRESB Performance Indicators: the industry perspective on ‘why?’

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Who thinks that energy will be abundant and get cheaper and cheaper over the medium and long term? That there will be security of supply that does not have significant political ramifications? And who thinks that there is an unlimited capacity for humans, as we enter the Anthropocene, to transfer carbon from the ground into the atmosphere – and for the climate to… Read More