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Live from COP21: Ask More of Business for a Sustainable Future

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JLL’s Dan Probst and Sarah Nicholls joined world leaders and experts from the private and public sectors at the United Nations climate conference – known as COP21 – this past week in Paris. To learn more about their experience at COP21, please click here

Stuart Thomson Gulliver, CEO HSBC, at the UN Caring for Climate event

It’s post-COP21 for JLL and I am exhausted. It’s the good kind, though. It’s the “there were so many inspiring ideas and stimulating conversations” kind of exhaustion. It’s the “I want to start making things happen yesterday” kind of exhaustion. And even better is that my exhaustion comes from momentum. From positivity. From leaders – big leaders (such as HSBC CEO Stuart Thomson Gulliver, shown at right) – who get it.

The ‘it’ here is climate change, and as Dan summarized yesterday, these big leaders speak about climate change in terms of business value, economic opportunity and innovation. They also speak about it as a way to stay competitive. And heck, as a way to exist in the long term as a business.… Read More